Dear Windsor Tennis Community,

Firstly, we would like to thank you for continuing to follow the exposure-prevention protocols that we have in place to help us maintain a safe environment for our members and staff.

As we prepare to begin our Fall Program in our indoor bubbles starting September 8th, we would like to reiterate the procedures in place to reinforce healthy and preventative behaviors at the facility.



We have hired Daniel Caban for regular sanitizing and disinfecting of our facility including doorknobs, bathrooms, and other high-touch surfaces.


We will be limiting our occupancy to no more than 15 individuals per dome at any given point in time which is an area of 15000+ sq. ft. area.


We will rotate the classes between the three different dome structures in order to provide the safest environment for students during every session. This is something that no other tennis club in the area will be able to provide do due to the fact that all other courts are located in one single enclosure. Since our courts are located in three exclusive dome structures, we have the most social distance compliant tennis facility in the vicinity.


With these measures in place, we assure you a safe environment for our members and eagerly look forward to seeing you back at our facility this Fall.