Please have your child complete the below questionnaire and bring it to their next class so we could work together to help them reach their goals.

Dear Players and Parents:


The goal of the Windsor Tennis Club (WTC) High-Performance Program (HP) is to help our players to reach their highest potential, and to do so in a manner of which we can all be proud.  To that end, we have assembled a dedicated staff of world-class professionals and we have developed an on-court program to achieve our goals.  As part of continuing efforts to improve the HP experience for all players, we are instituting a Code of Conduct. 


We ask that all students and parents review the attached Code of Conduct and that you follow the Code during your time in all programs at WTC.  Below is a summary of some of the key issues that are covered:


Tardiness:  The lateness of a single student can impact, and has impacted, all the players on a bank of courts.  With on-court time being precious, we do not want to waste one moment re-setting established court assignments.  We ask that all who get themselves to the Club please try to be on time, all the time.


Preparing to Go On-Court:  With court time being precious, students need to be ready to play when they get on the court.  We want students to spend their time hitting tennis balls, not stretching on-court and warming up their legs.  If possible, get to the Club early to warm up in advance and make the most of your on court-time.


Absence:  If you know you will not be attending a session, let us know in advance.  We can use empty spots to have a new student come in for a tryout or to offer a makeup session.  Makeup sessions must be pre-approved by the Director.


Ball Pick-Up:  The longer it takes to pick up balls, the less time is available for hitting balls.  As we do not want to penalize the players who are following instructions and clearing and picking up balls efficiently and quickly, we will discipline players who are not following instructions and who are wasting time in the clearing and picking up of balls.


Negative On-Court Behavior:  It has been distressing to watch players throw away multiple points and games, even matches, due to poor or negative behavior.  Most players do not realize the psychological advantage they are giving their opponents with such negative behavior.  We will strive for a zero-tolerance policy for negative behavior in clinics which will enable players to practice positive behavior and this, in turn,  will translate into better results in tournament play.


Out Calls/Score:   We all know that disputes in matches have arisen over the correct score, or over line calls, because players are not announcing the score clearly before every point, or because players are not making line calls clearly and audibly.  All WTC players will be expected to practice making clear and audible calls with hand signals every time and announcing the score before every point.


Court Assignments:  Players and Pros are assigned to courts and based upon the mix of players and the availability of pros on any given day.  Assignments are also adjusted around daily lesson plans, taking into account the strengths and weaknesses of players; their tournament results and their past performances in group play.  Mixing up players of the same general ability level keeps everybody fresh and on their toes.  If players or parents have any questions or concerns about a court assignment, please contact the HP Director before or after clinic hours.


Parental Interference:  For the most part, WTC has been fortunate to have a wonderful group of parents.   However, there have been instances where parents have disrupted or interfered with on-court activities.  These disturbances can not only affect your child’s play, but can also disrupt, distract or upset other players on the courts.  The staff is more than happy to address any parent concern, but we ask that all concerns be addressed before or after normal clinic hours.  Parents are asked to please allow staff to handle any on-court issues and to let us build a quality relationship with the students.


If you have any questions about the above or attached information, please do not hesitate to reach out to me, Christian or JB.




Fritz Buehning, Co-Director of Tennis


Christian Guevara, Director of High Performance



Jean Kitio (JB), Managing Partner





Code of Conduct



  • I will arrive as early as possible and prepare to go on the court, by warming up, stretching and mentally preparing before going on court. All cell phones will remain off and out of sight.

  • I understand tardiness may affect my court assignment.

  • If I need to leave early, I will inform my court pro and the Director at the beginning of the session.



  • I will notify Director Christian Guevara  ( and the Front Desk if I will be absent from a session, as far in advance as possible. Those NOT notifying us will not be entitled to a makeup for that class. 

  • Students receive a maximum of 2 make up classes per session.  Please coordinate with Christian or the Front Desk when requesting a makeup class.  Makeup requests will be placed onto a waitlist and you will be notified if a spot can be guaranteed.

  • Additionally, players may be advised that a class is full but that they can “come at their own risk” to a class and IF there is a spot (someone does not show up), they will be allowed to do a makeup.  Please make sure to check in with Christian and/or the Front Desk when you arrive to let them know that you are here “at your own risk”.



  • I will wear only tennis sneakers.

  • I will only wear tennis shorts, tennis t-shirts, warm-up pants, and skirts. 

  • I will definitely have a pocket or place to put a spare tennis ball when serving. 



  • I will respect all WTC staff members and all other tennis players in the WTC program.

  • I will pick up and clear balls quickly when directed to do so and I will do my fair share.

  • I will not curse, use disrespectful language, “trash talk”, yell, slam balls or curtains, or otherwise disrespect the WTC.

  • I will not throw my racket at any time under any conditions.  I acknowledge that I have been warned that throwing my racket the first time could mean dismissal from the class or program.

  • I will try not to exhibit any negative body language, negative gestures, or negative self-talk on the tennis court.

  • I will make all line calls fairly.  I will use my index finger and clearly and audibly make any “out” line calls.

  • I will call out the score before each and every point played.

  • During all drills and games, unless otherwise directed, I will clear any balls I hit into the net quickly by sprinting to the ball to clear it.



  • I will come prepared to play and train hard each time I attend the WTC program.

  • I will maintain a high level of intensity and give 100% effort every time I attend.



  • I understand that pro/coaching assignments are at the discretion of the WTC Director and staff.

  • I understand that all group and court assignments are at the discretion of WTC.



  • I will not interfere with any on-court activities during WTC sessions.

  • I will not speak with my child while he/she is on the tennis court during a WTC session.

  • I will not speak with the on-court personnel while they are on the court.

  • I will not go onto the tennis courts during the WTC session.

  • If I need to speak with a WTC staff member, I will do so outside of normal clinic hours.

  • In the case of an emergency and if it is imperative to speak with your child or with a WTC staff member during the session, please speak to the on-court Director (Christian).

Please have your child complete the below questionnaire and bring it to their next class so we could work together to help them reach their goals.