Cancellation & Make Up Policy

In an effort to better serve our customers and give us the ability to grant make up classes to more players, we have decided to adopt the following guidelines that all players and parents will be required to follow on an ongoing basis:


● The only way that the Windsor Tennis Club system will be successful in granting make up classes is if each and every parent/student communicates promptly and directly with the club staff/front desk.

● Parents or players need to notify the Front Desk as far in advance (preferably more than 24 hours) and soon as possible when someone will be missing a group lesson. Notifying us early will allow us to grant that spot to another player seeking a make up class.

● Those that are unable to notify us prior to missing a class, will not be entitled for a make up for that class. That means, no call and no show means no make up class.

● Students are permitted a maximum of 2 make up classes per session, however, those make ups are not guaranteed and are not transferable to the next session. We want every player to receive their make up classes, however, many classes are either sold out or close to full capacity, so make up spots are at a premium.

● When requesting a make up class, you must contact the Front Desk and you will be placed on a make up waitlist. As spots become available, you will be notified once a spot can be guaranteed. You are welcome to check with the Front Desk periodically as to your place on the waitlist.

● Additionally, players may be advised that, if a class is declared full, they can “come at their own risk” and if there is an open spot (someone does not show up), they will be allowed to play in and do their make up. If you decide to try to “come at your own risk”, you must call the Front Desk beforehand to let us know and then make sure to check in with the Front Desk and the court Pro upon arrival.

● PRIVATE LESSONS - There is a 24-hour cancellation policy on all private lessons that will be strictly enforced. Please make sure to cancel with the Front Desk (not with your pro). However, make up lessons should be arranged with the pro directly, so please request their contact information. You may also arrange for make up lessons through the Front Desk if you are unable to reach your private lesson coach.